CCS Vision: Our vision statement is Success for today, through the cooperative involvement of students, parents, educators, and the total community; Preparation for tomorrow through academic achievement for all students and the development of thinking and reasoning skills; and Learning for a lifetime which assures well-informed, productive citizens for the future. The CCS vision statement is reflective of our commitment to family and community involvement, high expectations for all students, and caring and child-centered school.

CCS Mission (Purpose):

We are a good school system, but we want to be a great system. To accomplish this goal, our mission is to:

  • Be passionate about our work to serve students
  • Be the best in the world at promoting student success
  • Be productive in our work to serve students and promote their success
  • To provide not only balanced physical, moral, ethical, and spiritual development but also development in all fields of life for complete development of students personality.

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